November 26, 2017

Seasonal and Monthly Outlooks

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Here at ShieldsWeather, our meteorologists developed an innovative approach to long-range weather forecasting for Canada and the northern United States.  This approach makes use of current climate conditions around North American and looks back in history to find similar patterns.  ShieldsWeather provides VALUE ADDED temperature and precipitation trends out for the months ahead, extending to one year away.

You will have access to more than just an unreliable computerized seasonal forecasts; instead, you will have access to our meteorologists that are at the leading edge of the growing science around future climate trends and extremes. Our long-range forecasts provide solutions to decision makers to help anticipate the weather ahead instead of relying upon foregone climate normals that are no longer the norm.

The anticipation of future weather trends will assist you with decisions about the weather in every facet of your business.

example temp map

For agriculture, ShieldsWeather’s long-range products can help revitalize strategies around crop planning as you have access to year-ahead weather forecast products.  We can help eliminate surprises and put you ahead of competitors that merely go head to head with Mother Nature

Are you a snow removal company looking to plan for the winter season ahead? Year after year our unique long-range forecasting technique has successfully predicted the winter characteristics.  Don’t be caught in a long snowy winter with a low flat rate based on last winter or climate norms.  We can help you do better.

Our professional graphical products and video briefings will help you make more informed decisions before earnings are released.  Our long-range services are more than a single monthly update.  You will be informed of the latest developments as they happen.  So if things change – you will be the first to know.

Here is an example of the long-range forecasts from ShieldsWeather.  In mid-August, we forecasted a cooler than normal November while most other seasonal forecasts in Canada suggested a warm start to Winter.  What follows is our November forecast issued in August, the Environment and Canada Climate Change forecast for November (issued at the end of August) and November’s temperature trends from normal.







ShieldsWeather Forecast (first image), ECCC CanSIPS Forecast (second image), November Temperature Anomaly (third image)

Check back for our introductory trial period and long-range services that will be offered heading into the Winter of 2017/18!