Windy Weather on Saturday

windFor almost a week now I’ve been following the potential for a wind event this Saturday.   A low pressure system moving across Far Northern Ontario will help tighten up the pressure gradient across much of Ontario and bring windy conditions.

For Northeastern Ontario that means sustained winds on Saturday of 30-40km/h and gusts possible over 60km/h.   The strongest winds are expected from noon until after dark.  The winds will blow out of the northwest and will mean that locations along the shore of Lake Superior are likely to see the strongest winds gusts – which could exceed 80km/h at times.

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Tuesday, Oct.21st Update

I woke up this morning, hoping to see the northern lights and all I could find was a faint glow to the north.  The geomagnetic storm yesterday didn’t produce the show that was forecast.

I then turned to the data for this coming Saturday and it appears that the gusty wind conditions will be a little weather than expected.  While Saturday will be a windy day with a risk of showers, it will be a non-event when it comes to the chance of damaging winds.  That makes 0 for 2 this morning.

The good news is that warmer weather will arrive by the end of the week and hold on into the weekend.  I am however, looking at a strong storm system crossing Lake Superior next Tuesday – more on that as we get a little closer.

Oct.20th Video

oct20_vid_2014Check out the latest video.  In this weather briefing I quickly cover the Northern Lights opportunity for early Tuesday, the November forecast and the ongoing potential for strong winds this Saturday.

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New Video Briefing Posted

videoI have posted another video weather briefing this morning.  I highlight the week gone by, a mention of Hurricane Gonzalo and then look at the weather for the coming week and into next weekend for around NE Ontario.

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Tell Your Newfie Friends and Family to Prepare – Updated

Updated: Thursday AM

Thankfully the latest projected track for Gonzalo now takes the Hurricane just east of Newfoundland on Saturday.  There will still be windy conditions and substantial waves on the east coast of the Avalon Peninsula but the potentially dangerous event looks likely to miss the island. Caution should be shown to check updates between now and Saturday in case the track returns west.


I know Hurricane Gonzalo is along way from the Sault or even Ontario but many of us have friends and family that could be impacted by this dangerous storm.

There is a real potential for a Category 1 strength Hurricane to hit the Avalon Peninsula this coming Saturday night and Sunday morning.  First this storm will hit Bermuda this Friday before taking aim at Newfoundland on the weekend.

Sustained winds of 100km/h are possibly with the potential for gusts over 125km/h.  The southern coast could see waves of 30-40 feet with this storm late Saturday.

People in Newfoundland should pay close attention to this event and prepare now for the risk of dangerous winds during the event and lengthy power outages after Gonzalo passes to the north.