Seasonal Forecasts

Here at ShieldsWeather you will find seasonal forecasts that are accurate and issued months in advance.

Looking Well Ahead

Gone are the days when forecasts are only possible a day or two away. Expect accuracy a week or more out.

Video Briefings

Here you will find video weather briefings that provide a visual reference to the important weather features affecting Ontario.

Storm Chasing

Staying one step ahead of a storm can make the difference between the perfect picture or a dangerous situation.

Welcome to ShieldsWeather

Weather Coverage from Around Ontario

ShieldsWeather gives you a heads up to active weather well before it happens. Then hold on for front seat coverage of events as they happen.

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About us

ShieldsWeather is owned and operated by Jerry Shields.

For 20 years Jerry has forecasted and chased storms across Northern Ontario.

When Jerry isn't providing weather information to government emergency services you will find him chasing storms, in all seasons, across Northern Ontario.

Check out more about Jerry